An All Night Man




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This steamy collection of erotic tales from today's best selling authors features Joylynn M. Jossel's Just Wanna Love Ya. While having a girl's night out on the town with her best friend, Jai finds herself in a confusing and unexpected emotional threesome between her best friend, herself and the most beautiful man in the world. Jai's emotions leads her to selfish passion, but in the end will it be worth it? This novella is a hot cup of coffee with cream on a cold winter morning. It will definitely heat you up!


Jai stood in the entrance of Club Cream and scanned the place in hopes of spotting her best friend, Rissa. Every Friday evening Jai and Rissa met at Cream, a downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, singles bar/bistro. Where in the hell is she? Jai said to herself as she tapped her black Nine West strappy to the beat of the music. "Boo!" Rissa said coming up behind Jai and tickling her waist. "There you are," Jai smiled as she turned around and hugged Rissa. "I got stuck on a call," Rissa explained. The girls made their way to the two empty bar seats at the bar. The waiter brought them their regular. Rissa pushed her lemon down into her Corona bottle and with beer in hand, she turned around in her stool to check out the scene. "Oh my God," Rissa said in a soft tone, as if she were talking to herself. " I swear the most beautiful man in the world is sitting right over there." Rissa pointed to a table that was blessed with the company of three gorgeous males. One guy in particular stood out like a rose in a garden of weeds. "Oh shit," Rissa said, quickly turning around to the bar in her stool. "What?" Jai said, looking over at the table with the three men, being anything but discreet. "No, don't look over there!" Rissa said nudging Jai's leg with her own. "He keeps looking over here. I think he checked out the fact that we are checking him out. I don't want to look desperate." "Too late for that," Jai said calmly, turning around on her barstool. "It looks like the most beautiful man in the world is heading this way." Rissa quickly pulled out a tube of Wet 'n' Wild clear lip gloss and began to smooth some on to her pink full lips. "Wet 'n' Wild?" Jai questioned, watching Rissa polish her lips. "You have an $85 a bottle perfume and you're painting your lips with $1.67 lip gloss?" "Yeah, but check out the shine," Rissa said, puckering her lips while Jai nodded in agreement. "Hello, ladies," the most beautiful man in the world spoke with an accent. "I'm Sloan." "I'm Clarissa, but my friends call me Rissa, and this is my best friend Jai." "I'm Sloan," he said, extending his hand to Jai and Rissa. Jai turned in her barstool to face Sloan, giving him a stern handshake. Rissa, on the other hand, extended her hand as if she was a princess expecting her prince charming to kneel and kiss her hand. Sloan politely shook Rissa's hand. Just then the disc jockey put on "Beautiful" by Snoop Doggy Dog. "I like this song," Sloan said, nodding his head to the beat. "Do you want to dance?" "Ooohhh, I like this song, too," Rissa said. "That's nice," Sloan replied. "So, Jai, what do you say? Come on, let's dance." Sloan grabbed Jai by the hand and pulled her towards him, eliminating any possibility of refusal. Stunned, Jai stared at Rissa in shock as Sloan dragged her onto the dance floor.

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