When Souls Mate




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Strap yourself in and prepare for a twister of a ride with Klarke and her partners in crime, best friends Breezy and Jeva, as well as Reo and the most hated vixen herself, Meka. Get in way too deep and mentally observe a human game of tug-of-war as love, revenge and the truth are fought for. The stakes are high and the players are out for blood. This brain-entrapping passionate thriller will have you asking yourself only two questions: What wouldn't you do for love? What would you do? This must read suspense is no escape into a fantasy. It's filled with love, desire, deceit, revenge and betrayal. When Souls Mate is not your typical tale of love and romance. It's an unraveling chronicle of lies, lust, truths and truce and a "who done it" that will leave you spellbound.


"Who is it?" Meka yelled as she turned the bolt to unlock the door. When Meka, not waiting for the person knocking to respond to her query, flung open the door, she couldn't believe her eyes. The nerve of this uninvited guest to show up on her doorstep. And on top of that, the nerve of her to look as though she had specially dressed for the occasion. "It's me," Klarke said through the security-screen door with a smirk on her face. "Is Reo home?" Klarke asked, innocently batting her eyes as if she had every right to be on their doorstep. "Tell him it's his baby's mamma." "Speak of the devil," Meka said as she stared Klarke down with the most evil expression she could muster up. "And the devil appears," Klarke replied with a wink. "You've got some nerve showing up at our, me and my husband's, home," Meka said to Klarke, almost through her teeth. Klarke was in somewhat of a state of shock. She had no idea that Reo had gotten remarried, and to Meka no less, while she was in jail. She figured that mourning the loss of their child together had made them close again, but marriage? Klarke couldn't help but consider whether if she had known Reo's intent was to marry Meka, that she might have thought twice about signing the divorce papers he had served her while she was locked up. Although Klarke wanted to just fall out and cry, run away in defeat even, she just swallowed and maintained her composure. "I don't want to cause any trouble for you and Reo," Klarke said softly, with Meka cutting her off. "The hell you don't!" Meka said, bobbing her head. "Really, I don't," Klarke said innocently. "I see right through you," Meka said, snickering under her breath. "Do you think the fact that you didn't directly harm our child changes anything? Are we supposed to look at you as some martyr now? Do you think all of this gives you the green light to just show back up into our lives unannounced?" Meka said pointing her finger at Klarke through the security-screen door. "Your daughter, the child you were expected to raise properly, murdered our daughter. No matter what excuses you try to make up or what you say, I know that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. You are not to be trusted. So don't show up here with your violin expecting us to weep to your sad serenade." Klarke stood outside on the porch silently as her eyes welled up with tears of pain and anger. It had taken so much courage for her to come to Reo's house. She wanted to turn the car around a thousand times as she drove from Toledo to Columbus. At that very moment Klarke knew she had made a mistake showing up at Reo's house. She had no right to come turn his life upside down. She had entrusted Junior with him because he was a good man. That hadn't changed. "You're right. I'm sorry," Klarke said as she turned to walk away. She had no right at all to be there. "Wait a minute," Meka called to Klarke, stopping her in her tracks. Meka unlocked the security-screen door, cracked it, and poked her head through it to have one more go at Klarke. "If you're thinking about trying to renege on your agreement of staying out of Junior's life, just remember, you signed papers terminating your rights as his mother. I'm his mother now. I'm the one he calls Mommy!" Meka quickly pulled her head back and slammed the front door proudly in Klarke's face.

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