Songs Of Hope by Sachel




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Songs of Hope is a collection of poems, thoughts and inspiration.


"Always Listen to Your Beautician" Come in and take a chair. And don't be crying the blues. You're the client. I have the license, So dont be tellin' me what to do. So what if my hair is messed up. Don't you be worryin' 'bout me. If we plan on gettin' you together, It will cost extra, 'cause magic tricks ain't free. Dont' call yourself a regular, Then show up at the shop every blue moon. Don't make an appointment for eleven o'clock And come stridin' in at noon. And don't be chair hoppin' to every discount shop Up and down the street, Then come back to to my chair with your hair all raggedy And blame that mess on me. Don't bring me no magazine pictures, 'cause honey, Trust me, you are no model. Don't bring your kids either. I ain't got time to waste While you feed your baby a bottle. If you wanna go through life lookin' good, Then honey-child You better listen. I ain't gonna let you look like no fool; I'm your friend. But most importantly, I'm your beautician.

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