From the Streets to the Sheets




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NOIRE, the Queen of Urban Erotic tales, presents a collection of urban erotic quickies. So get comfy as these sensual stories take you from the streets to the sheets!


I don't know what the fuck my moms was thinking when she named me Sin. No, it's not short for Sindy, Sindiana, Sinammon or any other name black people come up with and think that just because they spell it different, that makes it different. Don't matter how you spell it, cause when you say it, the shits all sound the same. So it's just plain old Sin. No pun intended, but it was hell growing up in the projects full of Shaniquas, Keishas and Tahjanays. Them kids let me have it about my name every chance they got. That's how come I can brawl like Antonio Tarver to this day. I might lose the first fight, but I'ma damn sure prove myself in the second one. My moms had to know I was going to get teased endlessly about my name and have to defend myself with my dukes. So I figured either that bitch was just trying to be funny when she named me Sin, or she wanted me to be a reminder of what her life was full of. And Lord knows what the life of Naomi Kensington was full of, and I know people expected me to turn out just like her.

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