Summer Breeze




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Three sensually romantic novellas that will captivate and massage your mind like a cool summer breeze. Featuring "Behind Every Good Woman" by Joylynn M. Jossel, "The Night I Fell in Love" by Pat Tucker and "Whisper" by Rena A. Finney


"Behind Every Good Woman": As painful as this thing has been, I just can't be with no one else. The words to the song playing on the CD player on her built in, custom-made oak entertainment center frolicked through Teal's head. Whenever she and Tyrone were on the off-again segment of their seven-year on-again, off-again relationship, she always found a song to become the anthem to express exactly what she was going through. In this case, it was The Ex Factor by Lauryn Hill. Teal's full-figured, toned physic was in a tensed fetal position in front of the fireplace, shaking as she cried harder and harder the more she listened to the words of the song playing. Why was Lauryn killing her softly with her words? Why had she taken her life and made it into a song? How could she know, and why didn't she warn a sistah-girlfriend before recording it? The phone started ringing. She knew it wasn't anybody but Tyrone calling to beg her for forgiveness. Teal peeled herself up off the ground and slowly dragged her body over to it, but by the time she reached the phone, it had stopped ringing. Teal caught herself consumed by a feeling of disappointment. As she started to walk away and resume her position of keeping misery company, the phone began to ring again. Teal looked down at the caller ID box. It was Tyrone. Teal's heart pleaded with her to just pick up the phone and hear Tyrone out. But he hurt you, her head reminded her. He sent his ex-girlfriend flowers on Valentine's Day, and to the shop where she does every broad in the city's nails for all of them gossiping hoes to see. Got you looking like a damn fool. But they were just carnations, her heart said. Pink ones, for friendship. He sent you roses, red ones for love, to your job. You felt so loved and envied at the same time by all the other women who didn't get flowers. Screw that! her head exclaimed. Unless he's still sleeping with that skank, he ain't supposed to be sending her a damn thing! You're supposed to be his only Valentine. But he only gave his ex-girlfriend flowers, her heart said. He gives you himself. Just forget it! Teal's mind said to her and her heart. I'm not about to sit here like I'm Malcolm X debating with Martin Luther King Jr. I'll leave you two alone for now. I'm gone. And just like that, Teal's mind was gone. "Hello...Teal, baby, don't hang up."

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