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There was no loving Tahjanaya Cortez, A.K.A., "Tahj". When it came to her grimy, mean ass, people either hated her or hated her more. She's that chick that broads make friends with just to keep her close. Besides, it was far better to pretend to be her friend than to for real be her enemy. Tahj is an in your face type of girl and she ain't no back stabbin' broad, that's for sure. She'll put the knife right through a person's heart, staring dead in their face. Someone once said, "Why tell the world that you are coming when you can just show the fuck up?" They obviously had never encountered Tahj. When it comes to her, a warning is definitely in order.


Chapter three: "Knocked Up" "I know we at your house and it's your bathroom and all, but can a chick piss in peace goddamn it?" Tahj said to Pooh as she stood in front of the toilet fixin' to pull her pants down. "As many a times I done ran up in that, I know you ain't worried about me seeing it now," Pooh said, not about to take his eyes off of Tahj for even a second. She huffed, sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes. "Nigga ain't nobody tryin' to trick yo' ass. What the fuck make you think I wanna be carrying your seed in me?" "Cause bitches is scandalous," Pooh answered. "Now piss on that stick so I can see if a plus sign or a minus sign turn up." "Nigga, this ain't no math test," Tahj said, intentionally stalling. "It's gon' turn pink or stay white. What the fuck you talkin' that arithmetic shit for?" "Just piss already. Damn!" In between fighting like cats and dogs, Tahj and Pooh somehow managed to find the time to screw. But the last thing Pooh wanted as a result of their off the hook sexual episodes was a baby. He already had two babies by two different girls from around the way. On top of that, he had taken care of a third little bastard for two years before finding out that he wasn't even the baby's daddy. Come to find out, the baby's mother had both him and some other cat thinkin' they was the father. She was juicin' both them niggas for mad loot every month. Once Pooh found out the real, he caught that bitch out at a club and fronted like he wanted to get with her. She went out to his Suburban, willing and ready to suck him to sleep. Just as she leaned over to do her thang he grabbed her by her hair and gripped his other hand around her neck like a fuckin' pit-bull was locked on it. He told her that he didn't care what she had to do to get it, but she was gon' pay him back every dime he had given her that was supposedly for her kid that wasn't even his. He threatened that the next time she saw the little bastard, he was gon' be on a milk carton. Knowing that Pooh was a man of his words, not one to waste time talkin' 'bout shit he couldn't make good on, that poor girl did everything from raking leaves to hittin' the block sellin' pussy to get that nigga what she owed him. Eventually Pooh let her off the hook before she was able to pay back anything even close to all of the money he had dished out to her for that kid. He just had to let that broad know what time it was so that the next hoe wouldn't get any ideas. Some people say that deep down inside Pooh love the kids and would have never done anything to hers. That just goes to show that some people really didn't know Pooh very well. Every gold diggin' hoe in the city was trying to get at Pooh. He was rough around the edges, but inside he was smooth as a kite sailing on a windy day. If it just happened to be a chick's lucky day to get a taste of Pooh's fine ass, then more than likely she spent that night schemin' and manipulating on ways to try to keep him. Just one taste was never enough for the average broad. Built like a bronze stallion, Pooh stood an even six feet with dark brown eyes, dark hair that he kept cut in a low fade and a dark past. A notorious hustler, slingin' them thangs since he could learn to count, Pooh was known for handling any muththafucka who tried him. It didn't take long for cats to recognize that Pooh just wasn't to be fucked with. Pooh was no hood legend. That nigga was the truth. Tahj wasn't your average anything either. Wasn't shit gon' keep her from doin' her. The hand she had been dealt wasn't holdin' the ace so what the fuck did she have to lose in this lifetime? Takin' life serious in a world full of mafuckas who if they weren't tryin' to get in the game, they were tryin' to get out, was lame. Life was a game that needed to be played, the only problem when it came to Tahj was that there were no rules and it was always her turn.

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