Please Tell Me If The Grass is Greener




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Please Tell Me If The Grass Is Greener is the dominant work of writing of the millennium. This compilation of seven fiction short stories is peerless of its kind. Each story is told in such a unique nature that it prohibits the reader from finding a stopping point. Each of the storytellers will take your hand and lead you through the unpredictable, and sometimes disgruntled, fields of life.


"You Ever Seen A Grown Man Cry" Even though I wake every day to the shine of the sun and the tunes birds sing, I can't seem to get excited about a day that I know ain't got nothin' in store for me. Today someone is going to hit the lottery and someone else is going to fall in love. Anything good happening to me on any day is unheard of. I hate living. I wish I was dead. I ought to lodge a bullet right through my head. I've thought of doing such, but each time I've reneged. I figure if I have the courage to self inflict death, then I have the courage to live. But what in the hell do I have to live for? I have a son that the bitch won't let me see. She's got some man living up in her house and James Jr., my son, is calling that nigga daddy. My boy is five years old and I haven't seen him since he was two. That bitch told me I wasn't no real man when I turned down good jobs to go to school. The university was going to provide me an education in exchange for me swinging a bat. There was hope that I would become a baseball star and I wanted nothing more than that. That way I would be able to provide my boy with all the things I never had. There would be genuine proudness in his tone when he'd say to his friends, "That's my Dad". I had my life all mapped out until a drunk driver entered the scene. Some woman, after downing six drinks, totaled my car and totaled my dreams. Her car hit mine head on when she drove into my lane. The doctors did all they could but said my batting arm would never be the same. I still tried exercising my arm but I only ended up making it worse. In a moments time I had been raped of the quench to my dream's thirst. I'll never get my hopes up about anything else in life. I know first hand how one can be slapped down when trying to come up right. Not being able to see my son kills me softly day by day. Not being able to tell him I love him hurts in the worst of ways. The saying that every boy needs a man in his life is not true. Every boy needs a daddy in his life. Not just any man will do.

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