Traces of Love




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Everyone wants to feel loved. The warm embrace encircles your soul and fills you with a magic that reaches beyond the realm of what can be measured. Love is joy, which presents itself in uncommon ways. Indulge in this poetic anthology filled with words from various poets that will intertwine the souls of those priviledged to savor its sweet sensations.


For Lovers Only when i look into your eyes let me tell you what I see: how my life would be different if you belonged to me; your kind smile; your soft touch; i guess that's what makes me want you so much. but what if you were mine? then would it be another i desire to respond to my matron cries and to ardor me until i tire? a warm embrace; a pliant kiss; i guess these are the things i'm afraid i'll miss. let's share this moment as we have all the others. the want for devotion i'll ignore and cocentrate only on being lovers. meanwhile, every second, every minute, and every hour of time i'll be fascinated by the fantasy of you being mine -Joylynn M. Jossel

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