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Twilight Moods is the first independent novel to bring you stories from a dazzling array of today's hottest authors. Prepare yourself because your temperature will rise as Timmothy B. McCann gives it to you "Fuller, Deeper, Smoother" while Courtney Parker is "Holdin' It Down" on her end. Joylynn M. Jossel wants to know if you've been "Daydreaming at Night" and Sandra A. Ottey helps you start your workday with her "Blue Collar Lover". Lolita Files spices up lunch with a little Bobby Q's Sauce." Rochelle Alers steams up the evening with a hot and seductive "Anniversary".


"Daydreaming at Night" The eleven vacationers jointly decided not to port the vessel that day as originally planned. For what Blue Pacific Yacht Club was charging per hour for the rental, it only made sense to utilize every waking moment on "The Opal". Besides, the occupants consisting of six men and five women, including myself, had deserved this long overdue splurge of finances and time. A pact had been made during the first semester of law school that this is exactly how we would celebrate three aggravating years of learning the law and how to manipulate it. "The Opal" is a 60-foot shiny black boat with three inside levels and an outside top deck with a Jacuzzi. Opal stretched across the waters like an Egyptian Queen, to the male passengers anyway. To the other women and myself it was the most beautiful dick in the world that none of us could wait to ride. With the exception of Sherry, who got pregnant third semester and had to put law school on hold, we all kept our word. Mar-Mar was married so his wife, Earth, joined the celebration along with her cousin, Koya. Jawan and Daria went summer semesters and graduated before the rest of us. They held out on the celebration until we walked the stage. They were able to do most of the planning before hand. It was Daria's dude, Flem, whose dad actually had the membership to the Yacht Club and was able to hook us up. Onion and his brother, Darik, and Onion's roommate, Nigal, would be joining us as well. The more the merrier (not to mention it cut down the cost per head). Tico flew in from Colorado, where he relocated from Florida the day after graduation. Opal came stocked with everything we needed for our three days and two-night escapade. A crew was included with the voyage, from the Captain; right down to the cooks and any ingredient they would need to satisfy our appetites. I craved nothing but Tico. I probably fucked Tico over 1000 times in my daydreams and replayed each one of them to masturbate to every night. I had one of those standard six inch vibrating massagers. I bought this little black jacket for it that had little bumpy censors on it. Those little bumps use to make my clit tingle something awful. I'm one of those women who stick to the clit when masturbating. I don't stick shit inside of me. The main button that gets my juices flowing is my clit. It swells up like a miniature penis before it erupts like a volcano. Once, Jawan had a sex toy party and I bought this thing called a "Butterfly". It's the cutest little pink butterfly with purple stripes. It has multiple straps to secure around my waist. It takes six AA batteries. This thing is the ultimate female masturbation assistant. It has a remote control with several speeds that operate a little sucking and grinding device that molds the clit. I'd always start off with it on low speed, but by the time visions of Tico brought me to my climax that sucker was on full speed. Imagining Tico being inside of me occupied a colossal quantity of my thoughts. I'm surprised I even made it through law school. Knowing that law school was my passport to keep company with Tico was a subliminal motivation in itself.

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