Girls from Da Hood 2




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The hottest urban lit females in the industry bring it with this most awaited street anthology. It features the short story titled "Wanna Be" by JOY, which has the most jaw dropping, head spinning twists. Also are stories by the Queen of Hip-Hop fiction, Nikki Turner, and Kashamba Williams.


Harmony ran her hands down her body-first her chest, her flat, tight stomach, her curvy hips and then her juicy thighs. "I don't remember feeling this way before," she softly said to herself. She had fought the pressure for long enough, and now she was allowing her body to give in to the seductive call for the very first time. Heaven knows there ain't shit like the first time. Everybody remembers their first time for sure. Harmony, again, repeated herself, only this time there was no sound at all. I don't remember feeling this way before. The words played in her head. Her pouty lips, painted with a dark rose lip-gloss, struggled to say them, but no sound came out. It was as if she was numb. It didn't matter. Harmony was so far gone anyway. She was too wrapped up in the way she was feeling at the moment to realize that she was even holding a conversation with herself. Her tongue rolled across her front teeth in slow motion. Hell, at this point, everything was in slow motion. Harmony's life was idle, but yet the world continued going 'round and ' slow motion. Who knew the first time would feel this way? Harmony moaned and threw her head back. She closed her eyes and took in the stimulating feeling. Caught up, the sensation of it all was not only fucking with her mind, but her body too. This was an unfamiliar ecstasy for Harmony, as her body had always been her temple. She had guarded it well up until now. But she learned that life has a way of giving up that good-ass foreplay that will get a muthafucka wet every time-the shit that will have a muthafucka's ass so wide open, not giving a fuck about a damn thing. Harmony was proof of that as she sat there soaking wet, longing for that orgasm, that point of no return that whispers to everybody, but only a few actually answers the call. An unfamiliar feeling it was, but Harmony wouldn't mind getting better acquainted. She could get used to this. As a matter of fact, this shit could become addictive.

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