The Root Of all Evil




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The Root of all Evil is a written tale about the mortal passion for cash, dough, mullah, big money and the commodities that plenty of it can buy. This novel clutches your mind while taking it on an exhilarating expedition of love, lust, craving, demand, need and want for the almighty dollar. This brain-entrapping thriller will have you asking yourself only two questions: What wouldn't you do for money? What would you do?


DON'T GIVE IT AWAY Sipping on an Apple Martini in a $500,000 condo a woman will vow, and put it on her favorite Aunti's grave, that she'd never commerce the coochie. Life is random, which lures humanity to unpredictable acts. What a woman pronounces she won't do and what a woman will in fact do are two distinct conditions based on the predicament at hand. Let an eviction notice welcome her and her children home after eating Ramen noodles for two weeks straight. What about the days of choosing between the $1.25 school lunch for the kids or the orange empty fuel light on the car? Or better yet, let her have to boil water to do a warm wash up because the gas got shut off. See if she don't stamp a price tag on that pussy. The same woman who turns her nose up at a chic who has to do what she has to do to make ends meet is the same broke ass woman fucking for free. It's funny isn't it? A bitch can't even keep her cable on but got some man laid up next to her getting his nut off. A broke woman better be a celibate woman too. Although it's probably not exactly what Iyanla meant, she was right. Don't give it away! This soon became Klarke Taylor's motto.

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