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Two Sensual Novellas

In "Thicker Than Water", Become entangled in this passionate thriller that proves blood isn't always thicker than water. Tye and Wade are identical twin brothers who were inseparable as boys, teenagers and now men. No one ever thought that anything could come between them; And they were right. Not anything could come between them. It was anyone they should have been more careful of. Dinah is the woman of every man's dreams and the woman every other woman dreams of being. Dinah is Wade's best friend, but Tye has plans of his own for her. As the plot thickens, each character becomes a threat to the other, but somebody takes the threat too far. With everyone playing each other against one another, you'll never see the twisted ending coming. In "The Ghost Writer", although Rhain Garrett's daily nine to five pays for her necessities in life, her nightly devotion and knack for the written word is her passion. For extra money on the side and to feed her literary desires, Rhain takes other people's thoughts and translates them into sentimental keepsakes. What seemed like an uneventful life for Rhain all changed after a chance meeting with a man named Fred. Not only does she meet this man who brings out a sensual side of her that she didn't know existed, but she also gets the highest paying ghostwriting opportunity yet. Just as quickly as the sun rises on Rhain's dull life, it sets. That dream come true high paying ghostwriting gig turns out to be a nightmare that lands Rhain as the number one suspect in a murder case, which leads her to believe that Fred might not be who he says he is. Joylynn M. Jossel brings yet another page turning, spicy thriller to her reading fans. Brace yourself because in this emotional roller coaster of a ride, when it rains, it pours. So try to stay dry, but according to the forecast...you'll get WET!


"I can't believe I just had sex with another man's wife," Wade said to himself as he showered, using his hands to rub the soap against his firm, dark brown physique. He thought that if he scrubbed hard enough, he could possibly wash away the sin he had just committed. Wade ran his hands over his bald head and down his face, burying his face into his hands. He shook his head and let out a deep sigh. He then put his head directly up under the water and allowed it to slap down on his clean shaved face. He deserved to be slapped for what he had just done. Just then, Dinah entered the bathroom still naked from the passionate love she and Wade had just made, in her husband's bed no less. Wade bit down on his thick bottom lip, damn near drawing blood, as his dick stiffened at the sight of Dinah's sexy silhouette. He wiped away the steam from the glass shower door to get a clear look at each and every curve of her voluptuous body. "Might I join you, love?" Dinah said in a faint whisper, moistening her thin, puckering lips with her tongue. Wade stared in awe at her five foot, seven inch frame. It housed all one hundred fifty-five pounds of her thick, but solid, womanly body. Looking at Dinah for the hundredth time still felt like the first time for Wade. Her coal black shoulder length mane was in a disarray, but in a sexy way, a way that reminded Wade of how the two had just gotten buck wild. He quivered as his dick tingled. Dinah's D cup breasts hosted a pair of chocolate nipples that seemed to stare back at Wade. Dinah stood before Wade like a well-poised dime piece. Her confidence, which was sometimes mistaken as conceit, was the sexiest part about her. She was happy in the skin she was in. Dinah didn't act silly and shy about her body, trying to hide the extra thickness around her thighs and her mid area. She wasn't fat, just bigger than most women preferred to be. While other women were starving themselves on liquid diets or stuffing themselves on the Atkins diet trying to become size sixes and eights, Dinah, most of the time, maintained her size twelve figure. "Well?" Dinah said, walking right up to the shower door, her bare feet softly patting against the gray marble floor. She took her finger and traced a water droplet down the shower door, looking into Wade's dark brown eyes the entire time. "You know we can't ever do this again don't you?" Wade asked. Dinah knew those words were coming, only she hadn't really had time to get ready for them. With no response prepared, she looked down as her eyes began to water. "Don't cry, baby," Wade said. "But I love you," Dinah managed to say through a cracked voice. "I want to be with you again and again, and again, Wade. It's always been you. I've tried to hide it by marrying a man who I wish was you. But I can't do it anymore. I can't wear this mask any longer. It's time that we are true to ourselves." "I know," Wade replied in a whisper. "But we can't," he protested. "Things are too complex now. It's too late, Dinah. You are not mine. You belong to another man. You belong to him." They stared at each other in the eyes as he continued. "You are another man's wife-and not just any man-you're my brother's wife."

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